Harlow 'Lionheart' Thorne

A dashing rogue-type


A young man with a weathered face showing his time at sea looks out. Wind blown jet-black hair, highlighted with white streaks meet at the nape of his neck in a loose braid and ends between his shoulder blades. A well-kept short beard frames his face. A thin silvery line mars his ruggedly handsome face, starting slightly over his right eye and finishing halfway down his cheek. A one time too close encounter with a pirate’s rapier. His stormy blue grey eyes look out with an almost perpetual squint from his time staring out at the horizon. Harlow dresses in mostly blacks and dark browns, colors that invite and beckon the darkness.


Growing up in Red Larch was enjoyable as can be expected for someone like Harlow. His father worked for a local transport making shop -producing wagons mostly. His mother took care of the home – a small cottage with enough land to have a good sized vegetable garden. Harlow had an older sister, Cerna; however, she had died when he was nearing 10 and she had been traveling to Waterdeep to study at the Arcane Academy – a bandit robbery that ended unfortunately. Later, around his 17th birthday he lost both of his parents to a rare disease that the town’s apothecary and clergy both could not cure. Despite this loss, Harlow did not let it consume him.

During his time in the small town he had befriended a young Taavi Nelson, heir to a winery. The two had spent lots of time playing amongst the vineyards and getting into mischief. The Nelson Grange actually became a sort of clubhouse for several of the youth of Red Larch. Once his parents passed, Harlow would often visit the Grange when he felt alone, it was nice, but there was something more his heart longed for.

When his father was still alive, he came home one day to say, “Some damn fool wants a ship with wheels!” … So that he could take it back to Waterdeep. Completely intrigued, Harlow snuck into Thelorn’s Safe Journeys – the shop where his dad worked as a carpenter, after hours with Taavi and Maize . There it was, a sloop affixed with wheels in the middle of the place. The group snuck it out and ‘set sail’ down the main street. They of course got caught, and Harlow had to spend quite some time doing menial work around the place to prevent any serious repercussions for his father.

However, it was in those fleeting moments aboard the wheeled ship that Harlow felt energized and a wave of euphoria hit him. He loved the feeling of the wind in his hair and he imagined himself on the open sea. He knew what he wanted to do and that he would not stay in Red Larch his whole life.

Harlow left Red Larch at 19, and headed for Waterdeep. He agreed to meet back with his friends for Shieldmeet, but not before exploring and experiencing the wind and tide.

He has been on several sailing ships, where he has been humbled, tested and accepted by his crewmates, but he still holds his friends from childhood dearly for they are the family he had when his was gone.

Harlow 'Lionheart' Thorne

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