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How you came to a friend's aid when they didn't deserve it . . .

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Dearest friends,



Again I call on you for help, though I know I have no right to ask.  I am both detained and in peril.  


After Shieldmeet, my plan was simple, send the agent of Waterdeep back to the city with a stern enough message to keep them away for good.  After all, my business associates were not without influence in Waterdeep, and elsewhere along the Sword Coast.  I was confident that the help you gave during Shieldmeet was enough of a show of strength to secure my safety and allow my business to proceed unimpeded by any outside influence.  As it turned out, I miscalculated on several levels.


After you left, I met with some new customers in Red Larch, but it was a trap and I was taken. Currently I now find myself a ‘guest’ within the Thayan Enclave in Waterdeep, unable to leave.  Turns out, some of the material I was importing was in direct competition with the Red Wizards, and they have taken matters into their own hands.  Further complicating things, they have done so with the blessings of the authorities of Waterdeep.  


I have retained the services of Rey Yellowbraid, a drawf notary and associate of mine.  She is my liaison to the city outside the Enclave.  Most importantly, she advocates to the Red Wizards on my behalf, particularly one Raboc Seolbap, their main agent dealing with my case.  Raboc is a cruel and brutal man who would be pleased to be described as one.  Raboc is willing to let me return home, but only on two conditions.  First, I must assist him with a certain task, and second, I must work as an agent for the Red Wizards in the future.  He would not be specific on the task, but was very clear that he needs to employ a small band of adventurers to take care of a problem for the Red Wizards.  I am not keen to throw in with the Thayans, but don’t see many options.


While Raboc wouldn’t be clear, I have been listening here in the Enclave.  I believe the task he wants done has to do with Ageiron, a senior Red Wizard who recently left the Red Wizards and set-up a base on one of the smaller Whale-Bone Islands.  People here can’t stop talking about Ageiron.  Looks like its either bring Ageiron back to the fold, or eliminate him.  I am sure Raboc wants him eliminated so its fair you know that going in.  Also, its well known the Red Wizards are very wealthy, and it’s rumoured that Ageiron left with a significant hoard that included some items of magic as well.  There is profit to be made here, along with getting me out of this tangle.


I need your help with this.  If you are interested, write on the back of this letter and return it to her.  Tell Rey you will meet her in the dockside tavern ‘The Haunted Hold’ in Skullport.   Describe yourself so she knows what to look for.  She will be waiting there at dinnertime on Highharverstide.


From the lovely confines of the Thayan Enclave in Waterdeep, yours truly,

Taavi, Lord of Nelson Grange


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